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TACTICS ————————A trading framework.
ARTICLES ———————Current events (opinion & analysis)
CONFERENCE CALLS—–From the horses mouth
MONEY MANAGEMENT—Proper allocation
BUSINESS LAW————–Legal effects
ECONOMIC IND————–Government statistics
INVESTORS CORNER—–Cross Media News Items; Trade Samples
TECHNICAL IND————-Understanding cycles & Trends
ETF’S—————————-Exchange Traded Funds
FISCAL PLANNING———Plan your future


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I have been involved in option trading for about 13 years now.  In this blog you will find many tips, tricks and possible pitfalls of trading.  In addition I have put together a number of recommendations and strategies from some of the best Pro’s around.

Hi, I’m Paul Privitera, my formal education was in industrial management/finance with a minor in Computer science;  however Most of this information was gained thru personal experience, professional contacts and personal study/ research as well as professional tax preparation.  I’m sure you will gain insight from these techniques but you must develop your own methods, find out what works best for you, something that matches your temperament and risk tolerance.

Check out the Excel programs I have linked to the site. Although not as sophisticated as much of the software out there; you will find them helpful in planning out your trades. They include a variety of calculators to help manage and balance out your portfolio. I originally developed them to help me understand the dynamics of option pricing. You will also find  ACCESS database templates you can use or develop further for your use. If you look under the “TRADERS CORNER” page you will find an area with real time trading examples. I have also included a property Remodel work book that I’m still working on. You must have the MS office suite on your computer for the downloads to work. Keep watch for SW updates. We also realize that many people hope to profit from their own collections and personal interests, to that end we’ve added a section with access templates that hobbyists may find interesting.

This is only a start, In the future I will be adding additional posts to enhance many of the concepts already put forth. Since options are Ultimately played on the underlying stocks it is important to familiarize yourself with good companies that you feel comfortable trading with, that said,  I have included a section on earnings conference calls, which is an excellent way to get conviction into the direction of a company. I also have a section called “Articles” where I often comment on financial and social issues – when possible I’ve tried to confirm research from at least 3 sources. As much as possible I will try to keep the information in each link related to the current business area or sector I am working on.  Lastly, I have included a “STORE” area where you are free to browse some of the latest products/ videos that you may find interesting.

As always, preserving your principal is the most important thing to remember. The beauty of option trading (if done Judiciously) is that it enables you to leverage your money so you can get ahead, but you must budget your income and sacrifice a little in the beginning. Remember you can make money in any economic climate if your knowledgeable of the investment vehicles available. Due to the governments recent monetary policy actions including asset purchases and the like,  interest rates on bonds/ fixed investments have been unusually low causing a meager return for savers. This is cause to consider alternate investment strategies. If you are entering retirement and have a limited nest egg, consider that successful option trading can yield 5-10% per month, much more than conventional methods and better than the overall market

However, be honest with yourself, If your looking for a get rich quick scheme, have a gambling problem or are faint of heart then stay away from option trading; sadly the trading landscape is littered with the bones of such people — alternative investment  suggestions are described in later chapters and get help from a reputable financial advisor. At the very least you will get a good overview of what’s involved should you decide to continue.

I remain open to any other knowledge resources/websites etc. as I know I have only scratched the surface with the possibilities in investing. The “CONTRIBUTORS” page is open for anyone who would like to share their comments,(Submitted posts will be placed here) and for regular columnists.

A final note: I realize that the country has become very divided and in many cases the discourse –ugly, I will try not to contribute to this. There are many people out there arguing on one side or the other, my intent will simply be to frame the issues, as best I can, and get more people thinking. Albeit I may, at times, take a position. In addition I have included a site with discussions on controversial issues as well as those of public interest::  COMMONCAUSE



P.S.. For those of you who enjoy investing in collectibles, I have here some of the fine art paintings shown on the page headings. If your interested in any of them please go to COLLECTIBLES You will also find a ‘music bar’ on some pages with an appropriate tune, if you so choose.



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  1. However, be honest with yourself, If your looking for a get rich quick scheme, have a gambling problem or are faint of heart then stay away from option trading; sadly the trading landscape is littered with the bones of such people — alternative investment suggestions are described in later chapters and get help from a reputable financial advisor. At the very least you will get a good overview of what’s involved should you decide to continue.

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