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Many factors that cause currencies to fluctuate are global, such as industrial activity [ I.E. the purchasing of product or resources from other countries that businesses accomplish using other currencies], interest rate changes made by central banks [ I.E. the European Central bank recently dropped interest rates on June 5,2014 which had a profound effect on moving the stock markets as well as currency rates], rumors and breaking macroeconomic news, extreme weather conditions around the world, monetary and fiscal policy changes ,government releases and of course what we’re talking about here — speculation. Much of the fundamental and technical analysis that is used with stocks can also be applied to FOREX trading.

.Unlike the stock market, the FOREX (Foreign exchange) market is open 24 hours a day except for weekends. The hours below correspond to someone living in the Mountain time zone.

There are no margin calls in FOREX trading and instead of contracts trading units are sold in standard lots of 100,000, mini lots of 10,000 and micro lots of 1,000 often at a 50:1 margin. The higher margin and the uninterrupted trading offer more profit opportunities but also require risk to be tightly monitored.





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